Savannah Thomas

Business Students Barter for Local Charities

Professor of Management Loren Dyck is pioneering a course to teach MBA students that business deals are not limited to exchanging money. The class, BUS 551: Seminar in Organization Theory and Behavior, breaks students into groups of four to five with the goal of going into the La Verne community and bartering a small $1 item […]

向日葵视频;Verne鈥檚 Colorful History Showcased in New Digital Yearbook Archive

It can be hard to see the changes a university experiences over time, but old yearbooks are valuable, reliable resources that document an institution鈥檚 transformation in culture, student body, and landscape. The 向日葵视频;Verne is taking steps to preserve its early history by uploading nearly a century鈥檚 worth of yearbooks, from 1912 to 2003, […]

ULV Women Sports Teams

Honoring Women in Athletics

For National Girls and Women in Sports Day, the university is celebrating female athletes with a special event to encourage and empower girls and women to reach their full potential in sport and life February 14.